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Laboratory Microscope
Laboratory Microscope
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Biological Microscope
Laboratory Biological Microscope
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A12.0910 Biological Microscope, APO
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A12.0910 Biological Microscope, APO, newly developed in 2014!
Infinity Optical System, Semi-Aprochromatic, Fluorescent Objectives
--BF Nosepiece, With Socket For DIC
--Large Double Layer Mechanical Stage, 187*166mm
--Swing-Out Achromatic Condenser, N.A.0.9
--12V100W Halogen Lamp, Center Adjusted,
--Digital Dimming System, With LED Indicator


  Detail Specification:
A12.0910 Biological Microscope, APO
Optical System Infinity Optical System, Semi-Aprochromatic

Trinocular Head, 30°inclined, Inverted Image,Interpupillary Distance 50~76mm,Three Split Ratio 0:100; 20:80; 100:0

High-Eyepoint Plan Eyepeiece PL10X/25mm,Diopter Adjustable
Nosepiece BF Sextuple Nosepiece, With Socket For DIC

Infinity Plan Semi-Aprochromatic Fluorescent Objective:
4x/0.13, W.D.=16.43mm
10x/0.3, W.D.=8.13mm
20x/0.5, W.D.=2.03mm
40x/0.75, W.D.=0.74mm
100x/1.3, W.D.=0.18mm

Working Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage, 187*166mm, Moving Range 80*55mm,Precision 0.1mm,Double Direction Transmission, Left And Right Position Handle For Option. Tension Of The Torque Adjustable.
Focusing Coaxial Focus System With Upper Limited And Tension Adjustment, Coarse Adjustment Range:25mm, Fine Adjustment Precision: 0.001mm.
Condenser Swing-Out Achromatic Condenser, N.A.0.9
Light Source 12V100W Halogen Lamp, Center Adjusted,
Adopt Digital Dimming System, With LED Indicator, With The Fnction Of Light Set And Reset
Power 100-240V Built-in Wideband Voltage Transformer,
A12.0910 Biological Microscope Optional Accessories
Eyepiece High-eyepoint Plan eyepeiece PL10X/26.5mm,diopter adjustable A51.0904-10265T
High-eyepoint Plan eyepeiece PL10X/25mm,diopter adjustable, with micrometer A51.0905-1025Tr
Head Trinocular Head, 30°inclined, Erect Image,Interpupillary Distance 50~76mm,Three Split Ratio 0:100; 20:80; 100:0 A53.0913-E
Nosepiece BF Septuple Nosepiece, With Socket For DIC A54.0930-R7
BF Quintuple Nosepiece, With Socket For DIC A54.0930-R5
Adapter C-Mount 0.5x, Focusable A55.0930-05
C-Mount 0.65x A54.0930-65
Fluorescence A16.0910 Fluorescence Microscope, APO A16.0910
Metallurgical A13.0910 DIC Metallurgical Microscope, APO A13.0910



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