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Zoom Stereo Microscope
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Zoom Stereo Microscope
Zoom Stereo Microscope, 0.67-4.5x
Zoom Stereo Microscope, 0.7-4.5x
Zoom Stereo Microscope, 0.7-4.5x
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A23.2603 Parellel Zoom Stereo Microscope, 0.68~4.5x
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--Parallel Optical System
--Zoom 0.68x-4.5x, Total Maginfication 6.8~45x
--Binocular Head incline is adjustable from 0°-30°
--High Eyepoint WF10x/23mm Eyepiece, Diopter Adjustable





  Detail Specification:
Items A23.2603 Zoom Stereo Microscope Specification -B -BL Cata. No.
Head Seidentopf Binocular Head Inclined 40°, Interpupilary Distance 50-75mm A23.2603-BH
Eyepiece WF10x/22mm, Dia.30mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable ●● ●● A51.2621-1022
Zoom Lens 0.7~4.5x  
Zoom Ratio 1:6.5  
Magnification 7x~45x, Max 3.5x~180x With Optional Eyepiece & Auxiliary Lens A54.2601-S04
Working Distance 108mm, With Standard 1x Lens  
Stand Large Track Stand, Base Size 330x300cm, No Light
Track Stand Focusing Range 80mm
Large Track Stand, Base Size 330x300cm, Up/Bottom 3W LED
Track Stand Focusing Range 80mm
Package Carton Size 480×370×475mm, 1 Unit/Ctn
Weight Gross Weight: 8 kgs, Net Weight: 6.5 kgs
Remark:  ◎  With additional objective 0.5X , arm stand bracket should be removed to high position. 
◎  No matter how much zoom magnification is, working distance is constant.
◎  According to the following formula for total magnification and actual field of view:
◎  Total magnification = Zoom magnification×Eyepiece magnification×Additional objective magnification  
◎  Actual field of view=Eyepiece field of view / Zoom magnification×Additional objective magnification.
Note: "●"In Table Is Standard outfits, "○" Is Optional Accessories
Items A23.2603 Zoom Stereo Microscope Optional Accessories Cata. No.
Eyepiece WF15X/16mm,Diopter Adjustable A51.2621-1516
WF20X/12mm,Diopter Adjustable A51.2621-2012
Auxiliary Lens 0.5x, W.D.189mm A52.2621-05
0.75x, W.D.128mm A52.2621-75
2.0x, W.D.36mm A52.2621-20
Stand Small Pole Stand, Base Size 300x220cm, No Light
Pole Stand Focusing Range 115mm
Large Track Stand, Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus, Base Size 330x300cm, No Light
Track Stand Focusing Range 80mm
Large Track Stand, Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus, Base 330x300cm, 3W LED Up/Bottom Light
Track Stand Focusing Range 80mm
CCD Adapter 1.0x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-SZ10
0.7x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-SZ07
0.5x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-SZ05
Polarizing Polarizer + Analyzer, For Stereo Microscope A5P.2604
Connect Ring LED Light Connect Ring A56.2602-R


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