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Inverted Microscope
Inverted Microscope
Inverted Microscope
Inverted Biological Microscope
Inverted Microscope, Transmit & Relfect Light
Inverted Microscope
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A14.0900 Inverted Microscope, Kohler Illumination
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A14.0900 Laboratory Inverted Microscope, with Kohler Illumination, designed for cell culture observation, to get details of cell growing process, internal spontaneous fluorescence phenomenon, living cell fluorescence transfection, protein transfer and etc.

--Color corrected infinity system (CSIS), excellent optical performance and great image
--Application of high-contrast and low chromatic phase contrast observation, access to detailed examination of internal structure of the cells
--Supply long working distance and high N.A. objectives to get the flat and clear image
--Well designed body structure, steady and reliable and better aseismatic performance
--Low position coaxial coarse and find adjustment, ergonomic design
--Kohler Illumination
**With iris diaphragm, adjusted by rack and pinion, converient to adjust and teardown the condenser
**The condenser bracket can be rotated, faciliate the replacement of the dish, and suit for variety of sample container
**The whole condenser body can be 360 degree rotation around lighting bracket, convenient to use ultra-high culture bottles
**With precise orientation and locking device

  Detail Specification:
Optical System
Infinity Color Corrected Optical System
Binocular Head Trinocular Head
Gemel Viewing Head, 45 Degree Inclined, Interpupilary Distance 54-75mm, Spliting Ratio 80:20

PL10x/22mm, High Eyepoint, Wide Field

Nosepiece Revolving Quintuple Nosepiece
Objective Long Working Distance Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives LWDPL4X/0.10, W.D.=22mm
LWDPL10X/0.25, W.D.=7.94mm
LWDPL40X/0.60, W.D.=3.71mm
LWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives LWDPH20X/0.40, W.D.=7.66mm

Fixed Stage Size 250*160mm, Slider Clips
--Glass Plate
--Metal Plate
--Petri Dish Holder, Dia.35mm

Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing System, Coarse Adjustment Range 9mm, Fine Adjustment Precision 0.002mm,with Tension Adjustment, with Safty Stop
Condenser N.A.0.3 Kohler Illumination Condenser, with Phase Adjustable Slide Plate, Long Working Distance 72mm. The Whole Set Can Be Rotated Down
Phase Contrast Phase Contrast Plug-board for 10x-40x, Center Adjustable
Centering Telescope Dia. 30mm
Dia.45mm Green Interference Filter
Dia.45mm Color Temperature Change Filter
Light Kohler Illumination, With Iris Aperture and Field Diaphragm, Halogen 6V30W, Pre-centered, Intensity Adjustable
Power Wide Voltage 90-240V


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