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12.5' LCD HDMI+USB Digital Microscope, 117x, 2.1M
11.6'' LCD Digital Stereo Microscope
LCD Stereo Microscope, 9''
LCD Stereo Microscope
12.5' LCD HDMI+USB Digital Microscope, 117x, 3.5M
12.5' LCD HDMI+USB Digital Microscope, 117x, 3.5M
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A36.1001 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope
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A36.1001 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, the newest LCD digital advanced zoom stereo microscope. No need to buy your computer or install software again, just one unit, you can do everything now with this high quality microscope. It can be used extensively for scientific research, industry, biological and medical field.

--8.4" TFT Touch Screen, Supply Sharp And Clear View
--2.0M CMOS High Resolution Digital Camera Built-in
--All in One Mini Computer, Window CE 5.0 System Installed
--Image Processing Software Installed, Capture, Record, Measuring Funcution All Included
--100M Ethernet And WIFI Supported to Transfer Data To Other Computer Easily
--USB2.0、AV and VGA Output, SD Card Slot Included
--Mouse & Keyboard Control Supported
--Parallel Optical System, Module Design to Add Function Easily
--Large Zoom Ratio Up to 1:10
--Transmit & Reflect LED Illumination, Brightness Adjustable, Working Life 6000 Hours
--Complete Accessories Include Polarizing, Dark Field, Fluorescent Attachment
--Plan Apochromatic Objective 0.5x Optional

  Detail Specification:
A36.1001 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope
LCD Screen 8.4" TFT Touching Screen Mini Computer, With Mouse Control
Software System Windows CE 5.0 Installed, Image Processing Software Installed, Can Capture, Record, Measure Image Easily
Digital Camera 2.0M CMOS Digital Camera Built-in
Binocular Head, Inclined 20°, Interpupilary Distance 55-75mm

Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EWF10x/22mm

Zoom Body 0.8~5.0x, Zoom Ratio 1:6  
0.8~6.4x, Zoom Ratio 1:8    
0.8~8.0x, Zoom Ratio 1:10    
Objective Lens Plan Achromatic Lens 1.0x
Working Distance 78mm
Coarse Focusing Konb, Range 105mm
Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing Knob, Fine Division 0.015mm, Coarse Stroke 38.4mm/Rotation, Fine Stroke 1.5mm/Rotation, Moving Range 105mm    
Transmit & Reflect LED Illumination, Brightness Adjustable, Working Life 6000 Hours
Output USB2.0、AV and VGA Output, SD Card Slot, 100M Ethernet interface
Mouse Mouse & Keyboard Control Supported
A36.1001 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope
Cata. No.
Eyepiece WF15x/16mm A51.1027-1516
WF20x/12mm A51.1027-2012
Objective Lens Plan Apochromatic Lens 0.5x A52.1023-05A
Plan Achromatic Lens 1.0x A52.1023-10
Plan Achromatic Lens 2.0x A52.1023-20
Achromatic Lens 0.3x A52.1023-03
Achromatic Lens 0.5x A52.1023-05
Illumination Coaxial Illumination Set:
--Cold Light Power Supplier,
--Dual Light Guide,
--Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator,
--Iris Diaphragm
Iris Diaphragm A56.1021-2
Fluorescent EPI-Fluorescent Attachment For Stereo Microscope A5F.1020
Dark Field Dark Field Attachment For Stereo Microscope A5D.1001
Polarizing Simple Polarizing Attachment For Stereo Microscope A5P.1003
Adapter Photo Adapter, 2.0x, For Nikon or Canon DIgital SLR Camera A55.1020-2X
C-mount 0.5x A55.1021-05
C-mount 1.0x A55.1021-10



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