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E13.6202 Advanced Electric Induction Coil
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This apparatus to provide miniwatt and high voltage power supply for physics and chemistry courses in universities, colleges and high schools. It can be used as experimental-purpose high voltage power supply for low pressure discharge tube, cathode ray tube, roentgen tube, and spectrograph tube. It can demonstrate spark discharge in air, electric breakdown in liquid and solid media, and preparing nitrogen dioxide and ozone in air.

● Safety:Advanced circuit design makes sure that the equipment will not be damaged by accidental short circuit.
● Advanced Technologies
● Excellent experimental results
● Easy to operate and slight noises
● Outstanding Product Quality:This type of product is entitled to eight years of warranty totally free of charge, which reflects the outstanding product quality.

  Detail Specification:
Max. Striking Distance: ≥25mm
Continuous Operating Duration: ≥30min
Supply Voltage: AC220V
Power Loss: <30W


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